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Key Elements

Branding and identification are at the centre of any business services we provide. Our designs are based around your logo and/or color scheme. Alternatively we can design your logo and create any of our products using it as our guide.


Graphic Design

Experienced designers work to create a range of services including logos, business cards, stationery and promotional materials. From a local business to a corporate body we can tailor packages to suit your needs.


Video Marketing

Software for producing low-cost effective marketing videos has been available for some time. Animated video is our primary production source but we can also add many types of overlays to your existing productions.


SEO Services

There can be a lot of confusion over Search Engine Optimisation. In simple terms it's what gets you found in search results. Proven results show we can get any local business to page one in search results.

Product Features

If it's a website, graphic design element or marketing and SEO services, your brand will stand apart. Our design team work together so they can produce a premium product. Sharing knowledge and expertise guarantees an outcome that flows across all aspects of any marketing or advertising campaign.


Art Work Samples


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Animation Only Video

This example shows how animated figures can be used in explanation videos. We create videos for marketing campaigns using a range of platforms. In this example the video can be placed anywhere on Facebook or a website to take full advantage of it's marketing features.

Viewers can purchase products from their Facebook Newsfeed or be redirected to anywhere on the internet. Great for retargeting those who visit your website using the new Facebook Audience feature.

Loading the same video on your website with the correct optimisation and linking strategy creates a pathway for search engines. This assists greatly in having your site rise up through the rankings.

Animation With Hand Drawing

This video was created for a recent client. Coupled with one of our SEO packages their brand new domain gained page one ranking in just over a month. Adding the video campaign secured top spot for local search and their website in under three months.

Searching for 'mechanic charmhaven' brings up their website on page one and these videos on page two. Searching for 'best mechanic charmhaven' brought up their website and this video on page one at last search.

Property Sales

If you have a new property to sell then a Facebook video marketing campaign can make a difference. Once uploaded to YouTube, a video can serve as a marketing too and attract search engines when placed on your website.. With the correct linking strategy any video can be connected to a marketing campaign.

This is purely an example and not associated with any existing or current property on the market.

Pop-up banners can carry any message and all elements such as timers and buttons programmed to appear at a time of your choosing anywhere in the video.

Search Engine Optimization

Think of the internet like a great big grocery store that has an undisclosed number of products and services for any one product category. When websites are in early stages of growth, their competitors sites that may have been around for years are hard to compete against.

What Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) provides the website owner is the structure of their on-page layout in reference to a users search term. In other words it is not very good to have content relative to apples if the name of the page is "All you need to know about oranges".

When Keywords Matter

What was once considered good practice to pepper your content with keywords is now likely to damage your chances of being found. The advancement in algorithms used by search engines means matching your content to it's titles is far more important. Even so it doesn't end there. Especially for a new domain. There are more recent formulas for getting your site noticed. .

And the "ground rules" often get changed. You need to beware of those wanting to spread links to your site all over the internet promising a rise in your rankings.. Having your content shared and linked to "naturally" is more valuable yet will take longer. That's why site owners need the expertise of services like ours that guarantee their marketing strategies.

Quality Of Inbound Links

Called backlinks in the world of SEO, they play a vital role acting as pointers to your website. With recent changes to the way Google and other search engines evaluate backlinks, they have to come from a source deemed to be reputable. Let's look at Social media as an example.

Your website is new and of course you want it to appear in the top page/s of search engine results. You also have accounts with several social media platforms. You have been posting your fresh content to your site and sharing it on social media. That attracts visitors to your website and you start receiving "Likes" and "Shares".

You get comments to your social media posts that hold the URL to your site. Search engines value social media activity and you are on their radar. Sound simple? Maybe but it's not all that simple or we wouldn't have a service to provide.

You need to attract a lot of social media attention to really begin taking advantage of Inbound Links. This again is where our services play a huge role. By utilising our resources all efforts to attract the attention of search engines are multiplied thus giving you a clear advantage over those competitors who are not keeping up with changes in SEO.

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