Strategic Marketing

It could be that you have a product or service already. Perhaps you have new product or service and you’re ready to take the next step or boost your marketing online.

Everybody is passionate about their product.  Be it a material object or service we will refer to it as your product. No doubt you have invested time and money in getting your product ready for the market. So you will want to get your product seen by as many prospective buyers as possible.

With a new website it can be even harder to get the kind of results you’re looking for.  With an existing site that may not be performing it can be for the same reason. Your site may not be built for optimal performance among your competitors. That’s where a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service can help.

Search Engine Marketing

The goal of SEO is to get noticed. It used to be that paying someone to pepper the internet with your web address was all it took. But things have change. Some very dubious sites were ranking for search terms that had nothing to do with their content.

But now web content can be read and if your content is not set out correctly then you are going to miss out on the exposure you require.

If your site is linked back from sites where the content is unrelated to yours then chances are it will hurt your efforts. You site could be penalised without you even knowing about it.

In either case we can help. We study SEO and keep our methods up to date so we can provide a valid service. It’s true that nothing is guaranteed in this field but with the right help and over time we will get you into the top results. If your competition is strong then your efforts need to be stronger.



Beginning with on page optimisation we can assist with a full report examining the structure of your site content. Internal linking plays a big part in setting up a site correctly. Nobody likes to turn from page 125 in a story to find page 237 and a complete break in the flow. It is very similar for websites.

We conduct a complete analysis of your keyword structure and the search terms relative to your product currently being searched for in search engines. A separate report is provided along with the planned remedy and schedule of work to be performed on your site.

The strategy your competition is using is analysed and presented as a guide to what needs to be done to ……


Social Media platforms have risen to the point where they now play a role in many many peoples lives. So much so that search engines give attention to what’s being talked about.  It’s essential for any business to have their business profile connected to major Social Media sites.

Comments are scanned daily seeing what people are sharing and posting about. The more linked and crosslinked content on each social media profile the greater the weight given to the value. That simply means that search engines like Social Media chatter and will follow the trail back to your site if done correctly.

There again is a good reason to have a professional look at your Social Media presence and see where it can be improved.