Two Approaches To Mobile Website Design

Responsive and Side By Side Design


Google says of mobile website design –

“There are many ways to manage your website’s content. Some site owners choose to completely build their website from scratch…the site owner doesn’t need to build the whole site themselves…..but only provides the content (such as photos, images, and text) for a website designer”  Google Developers


Fusion Themes Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

We have a two pronged approach. And depending on where you look and what you read, you might come away thinking that Responsive Web Design is in perfectly fine shape regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)… or that it creates a mess that’s going to destroy your search results.

Fear not because if your site already has ranking then mobile readiness won’t destroy the structure but rather enhance it so more people can view and share it.

The Fork In The Road

So that brings about the choice….”Do I restructure with a Responsive Design or do I choose have a separate site sitting side by side for my mobile visitors?”

We don’t over-complicate the process or leave you in the dark with difficult decisions to make. Our services are set up and ready to consult with you on a range of areas to be considered prior to making any decision. Responsive design is the way forward but if you’re not ready to restructure don’t let anyone force you into a decision that you’re not ready to make.

For example do you have content on the desktop version of your site to be shared?

And when it is, do you want the referred visitors to have the same pleasing experience the original sharer had if they are on a mobile phone?

This is much more likely to happen with a responsive design than a mobile site with separate URLs.  With careful planning much of your content can be hidden from mobile devices or desktop so they only see what you need them to see on either device. But of course that requires a complete redesign of your website which you may not be ready for.

In such instances a side-by-side website might suit your purposes. Such a site might also be considered on a cost basis or your marketing strategy.

Are you offering a service where local search on a mobile phone can take visitors straight to an offer?

Would a Tap-To-Call button serve you better than a Contact Us form?

Or perhaps an SMS code you send your clients in a mobile marketing campaign needs to be placed into a specified text field for them to redeem an offer. There are many considerations and no one solution for all.

Side By Side Implementation

“To improve the search experience for smartphone users…..we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users……..June 11, 2013 Google Webmasters

With the use of “smart” phones on the rise this is a huge deal! Mobile web
use for our global region has risen significantly in the last two years.

Considering that equates to a 37% Rise in the number of people that
used to access their internet on Desktop PC this is considered
very significant.

So you can see this is something that you need to have fixed quickly so you don’t lose any more revenue to people who land on your site on their phone then leave immediately because they can’t view anything!

And according to research (original article HERE ) users accessing the internet by phone will overtake desktop users sometime during 2014. Just about the same time the National Broadband Network will be finished.

We can solve that problem for you really quickly. Our turnaround time is under 7 days and we will make revisions until you are 100% happy. Our pricing is highly competitive. We deliver higher quality mobile friendly websites.


Mobile Website Features


keep-it-quickThe Mobile user of today is on the move most of the time and surfing online while they go about their day. With that in mind we design clean and fast mobile websites.


simple-navigaationLooking at a desktop site on a mobile device is confusing. Large visible navigation markers are very important so your visitors stay interested.


thumb-friendlyWhen users operate a mobile devices it’s their fingers that do the walking, mainly their thumbs. We design your site so even large hands can easily interact with every element.


thumb-friendlyA mobile-friendly website does not cause eyestrain for your clients. We make it easy for your customers to read. Always remember, they may not always have the best light.


mobile-accessibilityIdeally, your mobile site should work across all mobile devices and all handset orientations. Adobe Flash is being phased out so we provide alternatives.


conversion-rateNo matter what your site’s objective is, your customers need to be able to do it with ease. From purchasing products to contacting you, we provide easy transitions.


local-accessibilityConsumers look for local info on their phones all the time. From locating the nearest gas station to finding an open pizza place. We include what’s necessary for people find you. From maps to route finders we have you covered.


seamless-accessibilityPeople now use multiple screens throughout the day. We transpose the functionality of your desktop site to mobile to create a seamless transition for your existing clients.


mobile-site-redirectionA mobile site redirect is code that can automatically tell if visitors are using a mobile device and send them to the mobile-friendly version of your site. We can implement this redirect code for an existing site.


listenGood mobile sites are user-centric, which means they’re built with input from the perspective of the user. Ask visitors to your desktop site what functions they would want improved on your mobile website. Make testing and optimization an ongoing process.