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mobile website designMix and Match is our desired method for creating unique designs across a number of media elements. With our free initial consultation we can determine where your marketing plan can best be implemented in your design.

That means a smooth transition across a range of marketing components as referenced below. We have included a number of examples that demonstrate such transitions. Our Pricing Page shows how the packages work and indicate broadly how the packages are made up.

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Banner Designs

When a customer visits your website or notices your products, a uniquely designed web banner is something that attracts him and represents your company, it could be termed as print advertisement which could be seen in newspapers or magazines. Banners are usually in the form of images or sometimes it includes sound clip, it could also be a short video clip.

Getting an amazing banner that grabs viewer’s attention in a glance is very necessary if you need to advertise any product, service, an offer, etc. Why? Because Posters are very important elements of any company’s marketing system, they have significant advantages over other advertising methods.

We have some of the top great designers in our team and multiple designers will work on your project, giving you more kinds of choices. Large diversity of styles to make most elaborated and detailed designs.

Flyer Designs

In the print media region, a flyer is the most immediate form of marketing for a business, product or service. Flyers are utilized a lot to provide information for a given time at a low production cost and unlike brochures, they’re not very refined. However, flyer designing is not at all easy. In the print media region, a flyer is the most immediate form of marketing for a business, product or service. Flyers are utilized a lot to provide information for a given time at a low production cost and unlike brochures, they’re not very refined. However, flyer designing is not at all easy.

We have a very professionally dedicated team that print material designing including Flyer of designs. We offer complete custom Flyer designs with 100% copyrights to our clients. Our team will create a 100% custom and unique Flyer design for your printing or online publishing intellects.

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Calendar Designs

It is an effective form of advertising, calendars are just what you need for your company’s recognition and corporate identity to prosper. There are different styles of templates for your calendar, such as calendars that are weekly, calendars that are monthly, day-to-day calendars, and yearly calendars. Just like that, there are different designated locations for your calendar on your wall, on your desk, in your pocket, e.t.c

We assign different designers the job so that they come up with different creative ideas in less time with ease. Large variety of styles, you will see in our portfolio that we can design with chaste, simple and modern calendar, or high-detail, complex pieces.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are the most famous type of expressing greetings on an auspicious moment such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, different special days. They are also designed for expressing apologies, sympathies, gratitude etc.

If you have a Special event that need unique invitation cards, order our greeting cards to invite someone very special on a special occasion. it might be a birthday invitation for someone special in your life, or perhaps it’s for celebrating your graduation, We can easily design invitation cards to meet all functions or occasions. Our designing team is very unique and creative in their approach.

CD/DVD Cover Designs

Are you a singer, own a band, a music director or a song producer? The most important thing when you release a CD is it’s cover. An excellent and an eye catchy design for your CD Cover and DVD Cover Design is directly proportional to a higher closure of successful sales.

We give different designers, different duties for your project in order to higher the variety of styles and to gain faster response time during all the design continuity.

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Certificate Designs

Certificate plays a vital role in in verifying any claim, fact or law. It can verify a person’s credentials or a person’s experience. They are commonly used to show appreciation for an achievement of some kind and also used for verification. Not only is it not expensive, it also holds a lot of importance for the organization presenting the certificate.

We have a designing department consisting of a professional team with degrees and experience in marketing and designing graphics, Fusion Themes is your best choice to choose a graphic design agency to develop your project.

Newspaper/Magazine Print Ads

Newspaper is perhaps the oldest yet easiest way of marketing. Ads surely reflect your company, if your ads are not attractive; the viewer will definitely have a bad impression on your company’s designing skills.

You need to accomplish your marketing aims and get professional help. But why us? The reason is simple , Our organization is have a team of professional designers who are having years of experience in marketing and graphic designing.

We have every knowledge required to make your ad a success.

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Logo Design

Logo design is the art of crafting your brand image. If well done it associates a certain combination of shapes and colors with a brand, an idea or a concept. The results of the logo design process will have a major influence in the entire identity of your project, brand or Company, The logo is the most important aspect of your corporate look as it settles the guidelines (colors, shapes, textures, etc) that will be used for all subsequent image building and graphic design work.

It is of utmost importance that this design process is handled by professional logo designers like Fusion Themes.

Logos that are designed casually do not last in time, do not last in your mind in the long term and usually end up being redesigned. Accompanying that is the associated cost of designing and printing every other graphic design work again.

Only a professional design team like those at Fusion Themes can deliver logos that are state-of-the-art graphic design pieces at a very reasonable cost.

We invite you to browse our examples and slideshows in each category below beginning with logo designs.


Use the thumbnails above to browse

We are always available to help you if you have any questions about our design services. Use the Contact tab in either the footer or navigation menu to chat or send a message. If not available we will reply within 24 hrs.

Business Card Designs

It’s true that business cards are one of the most valuable marketing tool a company can have. Their name explains it all – a card with a very elaborate format that brings business.

For Business Cards to be effective it’s necessary that they have specific features – and being attractive is a must. Remember that they are representing not only the person whose name is there on the card but your company as well – they should attract your customers, and sell your products and services.

The moment your company’s business card reaches the hand of any future customer, it starts working as a representative of your company, and your future client will judge your performance by it.

The widespread trend these days is to overlook the designing of business cards by assigning this task to a printing store or using online templates. However a professionally designed Business Card is something that surely has a marketing impact for its company.

mobile website design

Envelope Designing

Eye-catching envelopes attract people’s attention immediately. With Designing team of fusion themes you will certainly achieve the expected promotional results.

Why do you need appealing envelopes to get the promotional results you expect? Placing your logo and contact information on an envelope is not enough these days. If you want to catch the attention of the recipient, your envelope should have an outstanding design. Many underestimate the power of a good creatively design web envelope. In these competitive days many companies advertise their products by mail, and the recipients, who find a dozen promotional envelopes in their letterboxes every day, will only read those that really catch their attention. It’s important to consider this as a challenge so that your advertising efforts don’t end up in the trash can.

Letter head

Eye-catching letterhead design important for your company to begin with. It is a proven fact that an attractive graphic design can convey the impression of professionalism, and innovation to your customers. A professionally designed letterhead will draw your people attention immediately, and then eventually target will associate the high-quality of your letterhead with your services. If you offer good products or services, your business stationery should reflect that.

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies do their best to make sure their brand is known to all. A professional letterhead design is important to achieve this goal. Fusion themes Creative designing for letterhead is something that can surpass your competitor’s in terms of design quality, for it to stand out from the rest.

Our team of professional graphic designers creates impressive and elegant designs that stay consistent with your corporate identity. In short our skills and knowledge is necessary to develop the most effective letterhead, which will transmit your company’s seriousness and commitment.


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Promotional Apparel Designs

All of our designs are easily transferable for printing on any surface. However it helps to know exactly where you see your brand being displayed in the future. A lot of companies sometime forget to consider the full extent of opportunities that can open up once you begin to make your presence known.

We do take into consideration how our designs will transpose across any number of media but in addition when we know in advance we can also provide enhanced designs suitable for promotional apparel. Please enjoy the following slide show as we present some of our designs.


Use the thumbnails above to browse

Print Material Design

Fusion Themes extends its creativity in to the following areas:

  • Banner Designs
  • Flyer Designs
  • Calendar Designs
  • Greeting Card Designs
  • CD/DVD Cover Designs
  • Certificate Designs
  • News Paper Ad Designs
  • Folder Designs
  • Sticker Designs

Everything that we design has a unique touch of creativity within; Banners, Newspaper ad and all the print material are thoroughly researched to create one of a kind outlay for your customers.

Provide us with a slight description of what you are looking for and we will provide a package deal estimate tailored to your specification.

Meanwhile continue reading below by tapping or clicking on any TAB to reveal the content. You can also use the “Let’s Get Started” Button and fill out any relevant details so we can arrange to meet.