Online Commerce Solutions

"When we design a website with an online store in mind we plan with three basic principles as the key...
firstly the consumer needs to be drawn in to locating what it is they are looking for...
secondly, whatever it is needs to be well showcased....lastly there
has to be a seamless non-confusing checkout experience"


e-Commerce Websites

You may find it hard to believe but the primary reasons people don't buy from a website are not price objection nor lack of a customer service desk. It's usually because they can't find the information they are looking for.  And customer service needs to be visualised. If one of your aims is to have online users visit your physical location or pick up the phone to call, they should have collected the right information from visiting your website beforehand.

Locating The Product

In many cases "boxes" with a small picture, a price and an "Add To Cart" button are sufficient for the product range and shopping experience. Such an approach is usually accompanied by a marketing campaign. But the key element is knowing what the shopper wants. And today's online shopper can be looking for information before they commit to buying. Let's look at two examples.



The top Ad is a straight out hook attempting to lure bargain hunters.  Even if you know nothing of technology the promise of 91% off will get some to click through just to look.

The one below empowers the visitor in providing additional information matching their search criteria.  In such cases a visitor is more likely to commit to the next step confident they are in control of the decision making process.

Through consultation we can define the approach you feel is best suited to your product and your budget. So to build a structured layout different users need to be considered. Those who need more guidance also need to feel confident they are being pulled in the right direction. More experienced internet users are armed with knowledge.

Where Do My Friends Shop?

The rise of Social Media has also changed the way people shop online. Once it was considered dangerous to reveal sensitive credit card details.  But sharing information between "online friends"means sites like eBay and secure payment gateways such as PayPal have given the consumer more confidence.So that final step of making the Shopping Cart experience a seamless process is all important.


You may have a customer base off-line in which case a "Buy Now" button can be sufficient. Yet in search engine marketing a "Checkout With PayPal" message has more impact. We like to ask questions before installing a Shop on a website or undertaking any eCommerce project.


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