What Is A CMS Based Website

Many websites are built using various coding languages a markup languages to produce their layout whereas a CMS based site (short for Content Management System) builds on pre-existing platforms. Examples being Joomla, Drupal and our own favourite, WordPress.  In the past such platforms were considered Blogs but with developers contributing to these frameworks many have evolved into fully fledged platforms for building anything from a small business website to corporate sites.

What sets these apart is the ability for clients to maintain their own site instead of paying huge sums to developers for non self-reliant maintenance. In some cases this may be beneficial but if you only need to change a line of text or add/remove/replace images here and there then why pay exorbitant fees. In saying that the more complex a layout is the more a client can become lost among the many features available. We provide clients with very affordable maintenance plans in contrast to their needs.

CMS Platforms For Business

If you are looking for an example of a CMS based website then you need look no further. This site is based on one such platform and as can be seen, is much more than a simple blogging tool. There are articles (blog posts) which are meant to be informative to both existing website owners and prospective owners but the sole purpose of the website is for a business.

We design primarily on a CMS platform for a few reasons. First and foremost it cuts down on costs. When the foundation is already built and costs nothing except the time to install and configure it then the choice is simple for many.  The functionality of the site is where you invest not so much the foundations.

A CMS As A Shopping Cart

There are quite a few options available but this depends entirely on your product range. Many are free and again the costs are only in the setting up. Once your payment gateway is configured and the general design complete it is quite feasible for a business to begin entering their own products. This can result in huge savings for a business. Click on this link for an example of a simple shopping cart based on the Quick.cms content management system.

Below are more complex examples of what our developers have designed using other CMS based shopping carts.