For Existing Website Owners

Our Advanced Designer Package is designed for those with an existing business website and wanting to re-design to incorporate today’s best practices in their framework.  The increasing use of mobile devices has led Google and other search engines to announce impending changes to the way in which they view websites.

Such thinking has led many website owners down the path of making the decision to restructure or find an alternative way of presenting visitors on mobile devices with a separate view of their site. To relieve business owners of some discomfort in the decision making process, we present a two-pronged approach as discussed on our Website Design pages.

Such a decision can only be made following an in-depth consultation about the direction they see their business taking in the immediate and long-term future. For this reason we do not offer any set price structure except through consultation which is a free service we offer to potential clients.  If you are not happy with the package we put together following any consultation we can part on mutual terms.  To initiate the consultation process simply click on the Let’s Get Started button, fill in your details and we will be in contact.