Welcome to Fusion Themes, a look into the future of Web Design. Our team combines years of experience in the fields of design, development, SEO and information architecture to deliver informed insights to our clients. At the core of this website is a unified mission to explore, advise and educate website and business owners on matters relevant to Google compliance, best practices, social media and more. Together, we can build a more efficient, informative and user-friendly online experience.

Google advises businesses and organisations will require a website compliant with a range of mobile devices.  In a future where the internet is becoming a universal communications hub, we aim to present you with a service that is compliant with recommended industry best practices for a future in web design standards.

For any business to compete online beyond tomorrow it needs to embrace the emerging revolution in mobile device usage. We offer a dual approach totally dependent on the nature of your business. There is no “one shoe fits all” policy.

Our Team

Following guidelines set down for industry best practices, our team of developers can create the most up to date and easily managed websites. Creating a website site that responds to the device on which it is being viewed requires expertise and an in-depth knowledge of current design practices. If this is part of your requirement then you are certainly in the right hands. Our Portfolio of Website Designs has many examples for you.

We offer free consultation before and during the design stage to ensure you get the outcome you desire. We assist in the process by taking an informative approach rather than a leading approach until we reach a point where you are happy for us to complete the task.

Our Skill Sets

With a combined 15 years industry experience our team possess skills in professional advertising and social media marketing that only serve to enhance our designs. We are also able to offer a range of services beyond design some of which include but are not limited to any of the following categories.

Website Solutions

  • Corporate Websites
  • Fashion Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Restaurant/hotel Websites
  • Product Based Websites
  • CMS Based Websites
  • Local Business Websites
  • Facebook Application interface

Mobile Website Solutions

  • Mobile Website Design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Responsive Website Design

Video Marketing

  • Animation Videos
  • Hand Drawn Animation Videos
  • Animation Overlays on Existing Video
  • Upload to multiple sharing sites
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Social Media Positioning

Logos and Branding

  • Logo design
  • Business Card Design
  • Stationary Designs
  • Custom Graphics
  • Social Media Page Designs

As you can see there are a diverse range of services available to suit any business model. From the sole operator to the corporate boardroom, our services cover the broad spectrum required for branding any online or offline business.

If there is something not listed on our navigation menu or if you simply want direct answers please refer to the Contact Us page. For a faster method you can use the Enquiry Form in the footer area if you’re on a desktop computer and we will be in touch soon as we can during business hours.