In order to build up your brand name, you have to go the extra mile in offering your users something that varies from the usual website details and services. To keep them engaged and to build count on and interest in your brand name, you need to regularly develop imaginative, interactive internet projects. These can be available in the form of microsites, which are single-page websites that provide individuals with certain details that they gain with actively engaging with the website.

Interactive microsites are most frequently complete of design and coding imagination that isn’& rsquo; t typically viewed as much on complete internet sites, due to the fact that there is more space to provide an enjoyable experience with their simplified and concentrated material. This collection of effective interactive internet campaigns is indicated to offer you with motivation as you begin to plan your very own internet projects to excite and engage your individuals.

Fulfill the Pros 2014

Promoting an occasion is an ideal reason to create a concentrated microsite. This site succeeds because besides providing all relevant information, the single call-to-action to register for the occasion eliminates any distraction from its main focus. In addition, each scroll area has various graphic impacts and visual communications, which keeps the experience interesting.

Simply Company Twitter Guide

Capital Guide

These sites have a shared function of walking users through a step-by-step procedure to reach an end objective. Users have the ability to start the guides at the start, or skip ahead to the actions that apply to them and their existing understanding. They can then click to get details that will assist them at their present stage, which promotes continuous interaction till they reach their objective.

The Space In Between

This site browses through all its areas with a smooth parallax scrolling effect that notifies users while they take pleasure in changing backgrounds and well-designed communication in between copy and imagery. An added ease is the navigation menu can either be clicked to see sections, or just described in order to see which category is currently being viewed.

Name that Uniform Test

Minimal Songs Quiz

An additional efficient means to highlight user communication is through enjoyable quizzes. By allowing visitors to input their answers to your questions, they invest interest in discovering the amount of they understand. These websites even make it possible for users to challenge their friends to beat their scores through various social media websites, which is a fantastic way to gain exposure and an expanding following for your brand.

Biking Employer

This easy campaign creates individual interest by revealing the character of the brand and the progress the campaign is making. The page discusses the purpose of the site and makes user action unbelievably simple. With subtle movements in the background and an entertaining goal, users quickly become interested in its development and will likely go back to see how it’& rsquo; s

faring.’L & rsquo;

unitá As users scroll with the various areas of this bistro’& rsquo; s microsite, they are offered with quality images and relevant info about the brand. At regular intervals, they are offered the opportunity to click to different sections to find out more, book or call the company. Whether they click each link or merely scroll through the whole website, they are remaining engaged and acting to see more.

Pixel Fable

This site has a lovely design and basic navigation, by which users can access the tales they wish to check out, discover more about the brand name and share the page with friends with social sharing. The minimal content and simple navigation urges individual action and option in what they desire to see.


On a single page, this brand name gives background information about its function and directs users to its call-to-action. With easy graphics and copy, it also gives various other options for individuals to act upon.

Pixel Lab

Total with subtle animations of its images, this website enables users toscroll through the various classifications. The vibrant color design and flat design are ideal for a microsite, as a full site would be frustrating.


This biography-generating project creates a fun and simple game for individuals. Minimalistic icons and layout and clear calls-to-action make for an amusing experience that urges individuals to keep connecting with it.

Radio Lollipop

This page is rallying support for its company by associating with audience’& rsquo; s compassionate side through a design that reflects its purpose. By providing relevant details and offering means to obtain involved, individuals feel as though they are well notified which their action matters.

Defend the Internet

This microsite demonstrates how an interactive internet campaign can be critical in advertising social or political action. This page offers a simple way for users to take action for the cause through strategically put calls to action.

Whatever function your interactive campaign will serve, the possibilities for making it happen are practically limitless. Use these successes as inspiration and remember to keep yours concentrated, simple, innovative and user-centric.


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